Rider Bonner Community Scholars Application

Learn more about the Rider Bonner Community Scholars program.

Before you begin, we suggest that you prepare your responses in a word processing program and then copy and paste them into the response fields below.

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The following responses should be at least 150 words each (maxmimun of 250 words). Feel free to be creative in your responses.

*1. What past experience (a community service experience if applicable) has shaped you to be who you are today?
*2. Describe an issue in your community for which you have a particular concern and explain how you believe a group of dedicated young college students could address the problem and bring about change.
*3. The Rider Bonner Community Scholars live by these six Common Commitments: Community Building, Civic Engagement, Diversity, International Perspective, Spiritual Exploration, and Social Justice. Which one of the commitments resonates most with you and why?

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